Press conference of Olexandr Shovkovskyi after the match against Veres

Press conference of Olexandr Shovkovskyi after the match against Veres

Press conference of FC Dynamo Kyiv caretaker manager Olexandr Shovkovskyi after the game against FC Veres Rivne (3:0):

- First of all I would like to thank our glorious warriors, who defend our land and let us play. Yesterday it was Kyiv day and we all know what kind of “presents” the enemy had for us, but we’ll stand and we’ll definitely be victorious.

As for the game, we could be at least 3:0 up halfway through the second half, but then the penalty happened and it all could end differently.

- What did you tell players after the first half? How did the goal by Ramirez influence the game?

- We pointed certain aspects out, considering the situation in the first half. That worked out as we had some more great chances to increase the lead, but instead got unnerving ending as it often happened to Dynamo this season.

- In 1994 you played in Rivne as Dynamo goalkeeper. could you please compare that team with the one Dynamo have now?

- In 1994 I was 19, so I had a totally different vision. I didn’t treat the game as a specialist. Today I see things differently. Anyway, frankly speaking, I don’t really remember that game I can just say we’re changing constantly.

- This is Dynamo third lopsided win in the final part of the season. Would you take the offer to be the head coach of the team next season if you got one?

- As of today, I manage the team in the locker-room, before the game, during the game and try to do the best I can. Today I’m a caretaker manager and I’ll do whatever it takes to help players perform what they should. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t, but our opponents have their goals too. I enjoy working and I’ll keep doing it with great pleasure no matter what my status is. 

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