Dynamo president Ihor Surkis participates in Save Ukraine marathon

Dynamo president Ihor Surkis participates in Save Ukraine marathon

When participating in Save Ukraine marathon, FC Dynamo Kyiv president Ihor Surkis thanked the people of Germany for supporting Ukraine (in German).

“We thank Germany for the support of Ukraine! Dynamo Kyiv are with you! Glory to Ukraine, together to victory!” – told the White-Blues’ president at the stage in Berlin.

As you know, FC Dynamo Kyiv were sponsors of Save Ukraine marathon.

At the marathon, it was also informed that the Surkis brothers Foundation will finance the rebuilding for the outpatient clinic in Hurivshchyna, Bucha district, destroyed by russian aggressors.

Throughout the Save Ukraine – #StopWar TV marathon the funds were raised to purchase vital surgery equipment.

TV marathon holders are going to buy the equipment for 12 regions located near the battle zone:

- Kharkiv region – for 2 establishments;

- Dnipropetrovsk region – for 2 establishments;

- Zaporizhia region – for 2 establishments;

- Poltava region – for 2 establishments;

- Odesa region – for 2 establishments;

- Kyiv region – for 2 establishments;

- Kyiv – for 2 establishments;

- Chernihiv region – for 1 establishment;

- Mykolaiv region – for 1 establishment;

- Cherkasy region – for 1 establishment;

- Kirovohrad region – for 1 establishment;

The total cost of this equipment equals to 1 million 900 thousand euro.

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