MOTION Project with Dynamo Kyiv School as a Participant Concludes

MOTION Project with Dynamo Kyiv School as a Participant Concludes

MOTION project is part of European Union`s Erasmus+ programme and aims to develop a scientifically based training methodology to improve physical condition of youth athletes in a safe manner. The project is led by Baltic Football School and together with Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Siauliai Football Federation, FC Elva, and Dynamo Kyiv looks to foster cross-sectoral cooperation between various institutions, sectors and methods.

Following the full analysis of results captured during the implementation stages of the project, one of the last meetings of Somatoscopic and anthropometric indicator impact on performance” (MOTION) project took place in Elva, Estonia at the beginning of April 2022.

The main goal for the meeting was to develop specific, measurable and realistic performance indicators for effective performance management in youth athletes. Partners worked towards finalising a set of exercises which would support and help to correct movement performance thus improving physical condition and health.

Final seminar of this project took place in premises of Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE) at the end of May in which project partners reviewed the key results. Further on, methodology and exercises for football coaches that can be used in daily process to improve the performance of football players by adjusting their myoskeletal system were demonstrated and shared with the audience.

As the project concludes we would like to express appreciation to everyone involved in delivering this idea into existence, mainly Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE), Siauliai Football Federation, FK Elva. More so, we are sending a special thank you and gratefulness to Dynamo Kyiv, their professionalism, guidance and contribution have remained unchanged even in the times of atrocity in Ukraine.