UPL. Dnipro-1 – Dynamo – 1:2: post-match press conference of Oleksandr Shovkovskyi

UPL. Dnipro-1 – Dynamo – 1:2: post-match press conference of Oleksandr Shovkovskyi

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Oleksandr Shovkovskyi answered media questions after the away game against SC Dnipro-1.

- First of all I want to thank our warriors for the chance to play and produce such emotions we’re all currently lacking. They defend our land and do everything they can to preserve our football from disappearing. I bow and thank to them. We’ll keep helping them the way we can.

Our games against Dnipro and Dnipro-1 have always been interesting and tough. Our clubs have friendly relationships, but friendship doesn’t take the field.

We were getting ready for a difficult game and knew how home side would play. We told our players they would have to do a lot of running, demonstrate their endurance, explained what they would have to do to find their chances.

Unfortunately we conceded that unnecessary goal. Our center backs have no right to play that way. But I want to thank the team for the character and grabbing the win.

- How come your team played two absolutely different halves?

- Dnipro-1 also analyzed the way we play. After the first half we had to introduce certain chances to create chances and use those.

We also had opportunities in the first half, after set pieces for instance. During the break we emphasized what was needed to be done and players did that. Besides, you must always be patient and play till the final whistle in football.

- They were saying your club wanted this game to be played in Kyiv. What can you tell about that?

- As a coach, I get the team ready for the game on the field. As for the rest, I have nothing to do with that. I hope we’ll keep playing where we’re supposed to.

- What do you think of the red card for Tymchyk and the potential penalty?

- As I saw it, the opponent was holding Brazhko and dropped him on the ground like a wrestler. But referee told to play on and our players weren’t ready for that which I don’t approve, so the red card is our fault.

One can discuss whether there was a penalty and a red card a lot. It seemed to me Tymchyk was trying to reach the player, not jumping from behind. He was sent off but we knew if we stay strong mentally we would have a chance. That’s what happened.

- Which words of yours during the break helped the team?

- You need to understand that what happens in the locker room stays there. I will never tell that.

Of course we had to increase the speed to exhaust the home side. When that happens, opponents don’t stick to the discipline. That’s absolutely natural. That’s why one should be patient and believe till the final whistle.

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