Vitaliy Buialskyi: “Emotions made me take the jersey off”

Vitaliy Buialskyi: “Emotions made me take the jersey off”

Vitaliy Buialskyi, who scored the decider against FC Zoria Luhansk in Zaporizhia, has commented upon the game for Profootball.

- Did the head coach call the team after the game?

- Yes, he called and congratulated us on victory. He also added that tomorrow we have a training session.

- You celebrated your goal at the cost of yellow card…

- The game was very intense, Zoria didn’t score from the spot. We could both concede and score. Emotions made me take the jersey off…

- How important was it to win after Shakhtar lost?

- It’s just the start of the season. Actually we didn’t even watch Shakhtar game against Oleksandria. We must earn points and move on.

- How come you conceded late in a stoppage time?

- We’re fine in terms of fitness. I guess we calmed down too early as the score was 2:0 and it was stoppage time already. What matters is that we’ve won.

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