Vitaliy Buialskyi: “We did what we discussed with Verbic”

Vitaliy Buialskyi: “We did what we discussed with Verbic”

- I think we’ve done pretty good job, but unfortunately didn’t use some good chances. Besides we conceded accidental goal due to rebound. After the final whistle coach said he’s satisfied with our performance.

- Why was the match so rough?

- Maybe Union have got used to playing this way in the Bundesliga. Or maybe the thing is that there’s no VAR in friendlies.

- What does Mircea Lucescu tell players – to avoid rough play or to go for it?

- One should always fight to the utmost, but sometimes you can avoid scrimmage due to fast reception and passing.

- How does Benjamin Verbic feel?

- He says he’s fine, but his shoulder hurts.

- You congratulated him on his goal very emotionally. Is that because that’s his first goal after return?

- When warming up we discussed what to do on the field in certain episodes and eventually did it.

- Can friendlies against Nice, Athletic and union be compared with euro cups matches?

- Sure. Representatives of different leagues play differently. Spanish teams lay emphasis on possession, French – on speed and skills while German – on scrimmage.

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