Vitinho: “I try to learn new words every day”

Vitinho: “I try to learn new words every day”

Vitinho, who scored the decider in the friendly against FK Cukaricki, has told about his adaptation to our club.

- Considering this game, it seems you’ve totally got accustomed to our team. Is that so?

- So far it’s not that easy, but step-by-step I’m getting accustomed. I do my best.

- You score regularly in friendlies. Are you ready to keep this up in official games?

- We’ll have a lot of friendlies, so I’ll keep working. And of course I want to gladden the team in the league matches too.

- Do you already understand your teammates and coaches?

- I try to learn new words every day to understand my teammates better on the field. And of course I listen to coaches carefully.

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