Vladyslav Dubinchak: “Mister’s words about my role in the team mean a lot to me”

Vladyslav Dubinchak: “Mister’s words about my role in the team mean a lot to me”

During the medical examination at Dobrobut clinic, FC Dynamo Kyiv left back Vladyslav Dubinchak shared his expectations of the return to the native club.

- Are you nervous at the clinic?

- I’m not. Some people are afraid of hospitals, but I’m not like that.

- How excited are you to return to the native club?

- I’m not nervous or afraid. I’m just satisfied. These are positive emotions.

- What did you lack to compete for the starting spot against Mykolenko last time you were in Dynamo?

- I’m not sure. At that time he was a definite first team regular and I could just substitute him from time to time. Anyway, instead of sitting on the bench, I decided to play on loan and get ready for the moment that has come.

- Did you make a step forward when playing on loan?

- Sure. We demonstrated good results. Dnipro-1 are currently third in the league table. I did a good job there.

- Did Mykolenko warn you he would join Everton so that you could get ready for your return to Dynamo?

- Let’s say I found out about that before most people did as I met him and we discussed that. It was great to hear nice words about me from Vitaliy. I’m really happy for him.

- When did you start getting ready for the second part of the season?

- On December 26, when on vacation. I tried to work out at the gym every day. On January 3 I started jogging. I was in Dnipro at that moment.

- You were away for half a year. What emotions did you experience having met your Dynamo teammates?

- Actually I met guys I’m friends with sometimes. We were at the wedding of Denys Popov, for example. Anyway, it was great to see everyone again. The atmosphere in the team is great.

- What do you expect of the UPL second round? The battle for the title will probably be tough…

- Dynamo won the league last season, but I didn’t, so I’m very motivated and ambitions. I’ll do my best to win the title.

- When did you find out about you return to Dynamo? Have you already talked to Mircea Lucescu?

- I talked to Mister yesterday, before the session. His words about my role in the team mean a lot to me, but I don’t want to tell what said. As for my return to Dynamo, I found out about it about ten days before the New Year.

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