Vladyslav Kabayev: “Dynamo will be making headway, and I’ll be with them”

Vladyslav Kabayev: “Dynamo will be making headway, and I’ll be with them”

FC Dynamo Kyiv newcomer Vladyslav Kabayev has told about his transfer to our club and first impressions of the team.

- Vlad, 8 years ago you made your debut in the UPL against Dynamo, and now you’ve signed a contract with this club. Is this a kind of fate?

- I guess it is! Many young players dream of playing for a Ukrainian top club as Dynamo are. When I took the field of the NSC Olimpiyskyi for the first time, I couldn’t even think I would be Dynamo player. I’m really glad I’ve joined such outstanding club.

- What was the football dream of your childhood?

- When I was at school, they took us to Kyiv and we saw the Olimpiyskyi. Of course I wanted to take the field of this stadium as did such legends as Lobanovskyi, Blokhin, Shevchenko. My dream has come true.

- Whom do you look up to in Dynamo?

- I don’t have idols. I just want to show the football I can and to progress.

- You used to play in many attacking positions for Zoria. Which is your favorite one?

- It’s OK for me in the left side, in the midfield or as a striker (smiling). I’ll play where coach tells me to. I guess I’ll be the left winger in Dynamo, but I suppose we’ll have a chat with Mister about that.

- Have you started getting accustomed to Dynamo?

- I came to the training ground yesterday, talked to Mister and players. They gave me a warm welcome. I know a lot of guys we played for Zoria for with. But it’s still a challenge. New city, new team, new coach, new training ground. I really want to start today and get accustomed as soon as possible.