Vladyslav Kabayev: “We got back to work with new emotions”

Vladyslav Kabayev: “We got back to work with new emotions”

FC Dynamo Kyiv halfback Vladyslav Kabayev has told about his vacation and shared expectations of the first training days:

- A month of vacation is too much for me. I was resting for two weeks, visited my parents in Odesa. Then I started the individual training program we all got. I missed the ball, the team, the atmosphere. A few days ago I returned to Kyiv, played some basketball, tried my hand at tennis which can be my hobby now. I spent more time with my family, met my teammates. We had dinner together, shared our impressions of the vacation.

Yesterday we got back to work with new emotions. Basically it was an ordinary day after vacation. There was quite a lot of running and less work with the ball, which players don’t really like, but we realize we need to lay this foundation.

- Was it dangerous in Odesa?

- I know there was a missile shelling today. My dad lives in the village and he didn’t hear anything. Fortunately everything was fine while I was there, but I noticed there’s much less people in Odesa these days than usually in summer.

- How was your medical examination?

- Everything was quite usual. We did a full check-up which is vital. Thus one knows what his body’s lacking. Maybe doctor will prescribe some vitamins.

- What will you focus on in the next two weeks in Kyiv?

- Having been in football for so many years I know how one lays foundation. There will be a lot of running these days. Maybe we’ll have a friendly a bit later. Coaches need to pick those who will go to the training camp.

- What do you expect of the training camp in Austria?

- Training camps are always tough, but we have those every year, so it’s fine. We need to get ready for the UPL and the Champions League properly. Dynamo always have most ambitious goals.

- What do you think of your Champions League second qualifying round opponent – Partizan?

- I don’t want to say any loud words. Time and games will show it all. We have a month to get ready and approach this duel in our best shape.

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