Vladyslav Kabayev: “We need proper result in every game”

Vladyslav Kabayev: “We need proper result in every game”

FC Dynamo Kyiv winger Vladyslav Kabayev has shared his impressions of the game against FC Vorskla Poltava.

- The match was interrupted for quite a while due to air raid alert. How did that impact the match?

- It was hard, but both sides were on equal footing. It’s difficult from mental point of view. But all’s well that ends well.

- Did you want to finish the match anyways?

- Sure as we’ve skipped quite a few games and can’t postpone any more. We really wanted to finish the game and go home.

­- It seems the game was intense till the first goal while after that things got easy for Dynamo, do you agree?

- Frankly speaking, the score’s probably not fair enough. The game was quite even, but we used our chances.

- Maybe the return of Andriy Yarmolenko played its role?

- Sure, that’s beyond discussion, we all feel that.

- Are you exhausted after 4-hour game?

- Actually we’re fine and positive. We need proper result in every game. Yes, we’re tired physically and emotionally, but we have a few games to get ready for the match against Zoria.

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