Vladyslav Kabayev: “We have a goal we’re moving towards”

Vladyslav Kabayev: “We have a goal we’re moving towards”

FC Dynamo Kyiv winger Vladyslav Kabayev has commented upon the win against FC Mynai in the UPL matchday 16 game (3:1).

- Dynamo won, but had some issues in the second half, especially after the conceded goal. How come?

- It’s about mentality. When things are fine in the first half and you have a lot of chances, in the second half you calm down a bit. Although we know we must score as many as we can.

When you concede right after the break, that’s a tough blow. You get nervous. Opponents create a couple of chances that result in danger. But that’s fine, we’ve won.

- The game started with the second minute which is very uncommon…

- That minute didn’t really matter. It’s good for us that we played at home and the weather was better than in Uzhhorod.

- Is the battle for the title on?

- Nothing’s changed. We’re moving step by step. The next game against Polissia is going to be interesting. We have a goal we’re moving towards.

- Today you played as attacking midfielder. How difficult was that?

- I used to play in this position for Zoria and at the training camp with Dynamo. I told Oleksandr Shovkovskyi I’m ready for that. I’ve been practicing in this position for a few weeks. Yesterday I said I wanted to try. My substitution after the first half was planned.

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