Vladyslav Vanat: “I’ll do my best to glorify Dynamo”

Vladyslav Vanat: “I’ll do my best to glorify Dynamo”

Having prolonged the contract with FC Dynamo Kyiv, the White-Blues’ forward Vladyslav Vanat shared his impressions regarding this occasion:

- I’ve signed three-year contract. I’m glad to continue my cooperation with the native team. I’ll do my best to glorify Dynamo.

- When were you offered to prolong the contract? How long did you consider the offer?

- Negotiations were quite lasting and I’m glad this has finally happened.

- Are you satisfied with the way your career has been so far?

- Probably all kids want to play for Dynamo and I’m no exception. I’ve always dreamed of this team and now I play for this club.

- Is the offer to prolong the contract a recognition of your achievements and merits?

- I think each player that takes the field does his job responsibly and gets rewarded for that. We must keep this up.

- One of your coevals – Illia Zabarnyi – plays in the English Premier League while some are off the radar. Are you satisfied with the level you’re currently at?

- If you’re completely satisfied with yourself, you should quit doing what you do. I’m not totally satisfied yet.

- What are your expectations of the ending of this season?

- Of course I want the season to last longer. I really want to go to the Euro and play for the national team. I do my best to be called up.

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