Vladyslav Dubinchak: “I try to use my strengths”

Vladyslav Dubinchak: “I try to use my strengths”

- In this game, our task was to maintain the tempo, cover certain distance, improve mutual understanding and just enjoy football. I guess we could score more than five, but referee helped the local side a bit by constantly flagging offside (smiling).

- You assisted Vanat so late in the game. How did you find the strength, considering that you work so hard?

- It’s always easier to attack as you want to show what you can. Vanat is good at finding space, so it wasn’t difficult to assist him. Both attacking and defending is my job, I’ve got used to it. I try to use my strengths.

- Tsytaishvili was a bit selfish today when trying to score. Is that about youngsters’ desire to show what they’re capable of?

- Everyone knows he’s a kind of individualist. He tries to demonstrate his skills and does that pretty well. It’s not too bad for the team, but in some cases he should pass.

- What’re you getting ready for? We all realize that internationals will be back soon…

- Sure, we understand that, so we’ll fight for a place in the team. I guess it will be all settled after the first training camp. After July 7, they’ll decide who stays and who’s going to feature on loan.

- Are you already tired of loan moves?

- Of course I want to stay in my native team. My friends are here, I feel comfortable. But if Mister says I should have another loan move, I’ll do it.

- Are Dynamo a kind of team, where one can make headway?

- Sure, there’s competition and good players here. If I stay here, I’ll do my best to prove I can perform for this team.

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