Volodymyr Brazhko: “We did the best we could”

Volodymyr Brazhko: “We did the best we could”

Volodymyr Brazhko, who scored the decider against FC Oleksandria (1:0) has shared his impressions of the game.

- The game was quite emotional. How’re you feeling?

- I’m feeling positive. In the second half we were outnumbered and missed some chances, but then scored.

- The decider was solely your merit as you won possession and then scored…

- Everyone did 110% of what they could on the field. I scored, but it’s a merit of the whole team.

- You scored after a fast counterattack. Was this your plan after you got outnumbered?

- Yes, coaches told us to apply pressing, so I did, dispossessed opponent, passed and then scored.

- Did air raid alarms influence the game?

- It’s really tough to play after a long break, but we needed this win and did the best we could.

- Did you change your tactics after Voloshyn was sent off?

- Sure, we lacked a player. But we tried not to play low. I thing we did a good job.

- Was Voloshyn sent off fairly?

- I need to review that episode to say. It seemed to me there was no yellow in the first episode.

- Did Oleksandria manage to deliver a battle?

- Of course, we knew they’re a good team. But we’ve won, so I guess we were better.

- Was this the most important game after the winter break?

- Every game is important and we get ready for each one.

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