We wish Happy 55th Birthday to Oleh Blokhin

We wish Happy 55th Birthday to Oleh Blokhin

Today, coach of the Ukraine international, former Dynamo player Oleh Blokhin celebrates his 55th birthday. Many-time USSR champion and Cup holder, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup Winner, Ballon D’Or Winner. Those are just a few achievements to mention. Dynamo family wish him Happy 55th Birthday.

”You are the first Ukrainian to win the Ballon D’Or award. You are the first coach in the Ukrainian national team to steer our squad to the World Cup quarter-final and to make European soccer heavyweights respect both our team and our country. We wish you much love, harmony and desire and possibility to keep walking down the sports path for the good of the national football”.
FC Dynamo Kyiv President Ihor Surkis
Acting head coach Oleh Luzhnyy
Captain Serhiy Rebrov

“Oleh Blokhin knows how to set clear goals and how to get them achieved. He gets things done in a way that nobody takes offence, but accepts his remarks and makes conclusions. Having worked with Oleh Blohkin for four years, one of his great traits is his ability to place trust in the sportsmen, even when he is not having his best time. Before the 2006 World Cup qualifiers we were defeated in some friendly matches. But he carried on trusting us and we thanked him with our bright display in the group and knock-out stages in Germany. I will not stand out and wish him the best of health. He will no doubt need it to cope with load and responsibility for his team”.
Dynamo goalkeeper Oleksandr Shovkovskyy

“I truly enjoy working under Oleh Blokhin’s guidance. Most importantly, there is no abyss between the players and coaching staff in the team. On the other hand, we should not cross the line. Sometimes it is time for jokes, sometimes you need to keep your head cool. I wish him all the best and, of course, good health”.
Dynamo defender Andriy Nesmachnyy


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