Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate another anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. I sincerely thank our defenders who stood up to fight for our independence, statehood and the very existence of our country, who are fighting for our freedom, so that the blue-yellow flag flied in every corner of Ukraine, so that our children had a future and we had a life that we choose for ourselves.

At the time of the terrible, cruel, bloody war, Ukrainians united for a common goal, and the whole world admires the courage, dedication and ingenuity of our people. I’m sure that due to the efforts and contribution of every citizen, the struggle for our state will be crowned with success, all our territories will be liberated, and peace and security will be returned to our cities and villages.

Yes, the victory won’t be easy, but the desire for universal values of humanism and democracy will definitely prevail.

For FC Dynamo Kyiv, it has always been a true pride and incredible honor to hold the blue-yellow flag and represent our beautiful country. And we continue to do our best and make maximum efforts to bring our common Victory closer.

I’m sure that peace, prosperity, harmony and love will soon reign on our land and in our hearts.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, help each other and fight for Victory! Glory to Ukraine and Ukrainians!

FC Dynamo Kyiv president

Ihor Surkis

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