Happy Ukrainian Armed Forces Day!

Happy Ukrainian Armed Forces Day!

Today our country celebrates the Ukrainian Armed Forces Day. This day has been always honored by Ukrainians, but now it’s really special. This day we thank those, who’s currently defending our land from invaders terrorizing our people.

Ukrainian Armed Forces are pride of our country. Our soldiers have proved they’re the most professional and courageous warriors in the world. For over nine months, the whole civilized world applauds to our forces. Not only do they deter attacks of enemies outnumbering us significantly, but expel the invaders from our land step-by-step by defeating them in the battlefield.

On behalf of FC Dynamo Kyiv, we congratulate true Heroes, Defenders of our land and express endless gratitude to them. Thank you for not letting enemies destroy our country and for bringing our Victory closer every single day! You are best sons and daughters of Ukraine. You are the pillar and defense of our state. The whole country is proud of your heroic feats every day. Your bravery and self-sacrifice motivate every Ukrainian to fight.

Congratulations, our Heroes! We wish you strong willpower and unbreakable faith! We hope every defender will return home safe and sound, with victory!

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