Zoria – Dynamo – 1:2. Post-match press conference of Emil Caras

Zoria – Dynamo – 1:2. Post-match press conference of Emil Caras

FC Dynamo Kyiv assistant coach Emil Caras answered media questions after the win against FC Zoria Luhansk within the UPL matchday 3.

- The game was tough, as we expected. Besides it was really hot today, so players are quite exhausted. We tried to follow the match to its logical end, but there was a penalty for Zoria and conceded goal.

Anyway, what matters is final score. Mister has called and congratulated guys on this victory. Zoria are really good team with decent players and coach.

- Who was supposed to take the penalty – Shaparenko or de Pena?

- If we had Tsyhankov or Gerson on the field, one of them would have done that. In such situations, the one who feels confident takes the shot. Carlos hasn’t scored, but this is football. We’ve won the game, the rest doesn’t matter.

- Did the missed penalty influence de Pena, considering that he didn’t use another great chance later?

- Things happen in football. I guess every player gets confused a bit when he doesn’t score from the spot. If Carlos scored, things would have been different in the following episode.

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