400 days of our defense against full-scale aggression is a colossal path that we have lived through together - address by the President of Ukraine 30.03.23

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Four hundred days... Four hundred days of our defense against full-scale aggression.

This is a colossal path that we have lived through. All together - everyone who fought and fights for Ukraine. Who took care and takes care about the state and Ukrainians. Who helped and helps our logistics. Who strengthened and strengthens Ukrainian resilience.

Ukraine went through the most terrifying days of that February. We survived this winter as well. There is a colossal effort behind these words...

We passed last spring, which turned the tide of this war in favor of our defense.

Last summer and autumn, we proved that the spring liberation of our northern regions was no accident. The battle for Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions... The return of the territories of our Kharkiv region, the return of Kherson, the defense of Bakhmut and Donbas in general - this is the heroism of Ukrainians that the world will not forget.

We are preparing our next steps, our active actions. We are preparing the approach of our victory.

30.03.2023, 22:41
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