Actively progressing with the United States on joint arms production – address by the President of Ukraine 17.11.2023

I wish you good health, dear Ukrainians!

Today, I held a Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff meeting, with a detailed report from the Minister of Defense on the upcoming year, the provision of defense forces. Every direction and aspect – ammunition, weapons, equipment, and accoutrements. What is currently in short supply and what objectively needs to be increased, taking into account plans of our active actions.

The Minister of Strategic Industries reported on our own production of weapons and ammunition – the goal of increasing production is being achieved. This is crucial, and I am grateful to all the workers in our defense industry, as well as our partners who assist.

We also discussed the implementation of the Ukrainian missile program, initiated in 2021. Everyone can see that its results are becoming more long-range and favorable for Ukraine each year, and unpleasant for the enemy, as it should be. There will be even more results.

By the way, we are actively progressing with the United States on joint arms production. During my visit to Washington, President Biden and I agreed on specific steps we can take together. This will undoubtedly strengthen both Americans and Ukrainians, as well as our partners. Joint production always enhances capabilities.

17.11.2023, 21:07
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