Good motivation plus good training equals the ability of our defense forces to regain what belongs to Ukraine - President's address 6.02.2023

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Today, I held a regular meeting of the Staff. There are many issues. The key is actions on the frontline. In the Donetsk region and other directions. Particular attention is paid to Bakhmut. To our defense. To the occupier's attempts to surround the city and break the defense there. We are countering them.

I am grateful to every warrior who ensures counteraction with his resilience!

Today, I would like to commend the warriors of the 54th and 93rd separate mechanized brigades, the 15th separate battalion of the 128th mountain assault brigade. Thank you, warriors, for your bravery and steadfastness! For the resilience Ukraine needs so much.

Today at the meeting of the Staff we also discussed the supply of ammunition to our warriors. Artillery is one of the key factors. As always, the Commander-in-Chief and the commanders of the directions delivered reports. The head of intelligence reported on the occupier's current plans.

We are also strengthening our management positions. In a number of regions - especially in the border and frontline regions - we are appointing managers with military experience. Those who can prove themselves in the most effective way in the defense against the current threats. I will inform you about each such decision.

07.02.2023, 00:20
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