We are working as hard as possible with partners to enhance Ukrainian air defense – address by the President of Ukraine 8.12.2023

Dear Ukrainians, I wish good health to all of you!

First of all, I want to commend our defenders in the sky – during the missile strike this morning, a significant portion of Russian missiles were successfully intercepted. However, not all. Missiles hit Kharkiv and also Dnipropetrovsk region. Necessary assistance has been provided to all those affected. One person was killed. My condolences to the family and friends. We are working as hard as possible with partners to enhance Ukrainian air defense. We keep working now – almost every week brings new arrangements and opportunities for Ukraine.

This Russian regime repeats the evil it has already done but tries to make each strike more painful. We are aware of this. And I thank everyone who defends Ukraine from Shahed drones, who repels Russian missile strikes, our intelligence, and every partner who has made a decision to support the Ukrainian air defense and impose sanctions against the state-terrorist that can truly limit it. Let those in Russia not doubt: everyone – from terrorists to terror propagandists – they will all be held accountable. For every strike.

I held a Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff meeting. As always, the Commander-in-Chief and each sector commanders reported on the operational situation. Kupiansk, Lyman, and all Donetsk directions, south. I thank all the soldiers and commanders for their resilience and valor. The task of our state – even now, in winter, no matter how difficult it may be – is to show strength and not let the enemy seize the initiative, not let them fortify. I thank everyone whose actions ensure this for Ukraine – our ability to make our moves. Today, I want to particularly commend the soldiers who have shown themselves the most – now, and in battles in winter and this autumn.

08.12.2023, 23:31
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