Russian invaders will receive our response to every attack - address by the President of Ukraine 1.05.2023

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

I started this Monday and the new week with an hour-long meeting with all levels of government and defense. The head of government, ministers, the Office. The Commander-in-Chief, the heads of the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Foreign Intelligence Service, the head of the Security Service, and the NSDC Secretary delivered reports.

The first issue is the consequences of Russian strikes, including missile attacks. Last night alone, from midnight to seven in the morning, we managed to shoot down 15 Russian missiles. But, unfortunately, not all of them. Not all of them yet. We are working with our partners as actively as possible to make the protection of our skies even more reliable.

At the morning meeting, we discussed the enemy's likely actions in the near future and coordinated our defensive steps.

Separately we discussed the issue of weapons and ammunition for our warriors. Also, the situation on the still occupied territory and counteraction to Russia. No chance for the occupier on our land! Only destruction for the enemy.

01.05.2023, 23:00
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