Our soldiers and society expect fair answers to a complex of issues – address by the President of Ukraine 24.11.2023

I wish you good health, dear Ukrainians!

Just concluded negotiations with the President of Latvia. It was a substantive conversation. We talked about the defensive support for our state, for our soldiers. About the sustainability of such support. In particular, we discussed the production and supply of ammunition – 155mm artillery – as well as the issue of medevac – special armored vehicles for evacuating our wounded soldiers.

I am grateful to Latvia for its unwavering support for our European prospects – all the work towards the start of negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union.

Today, I informed Mr. President about our country's implementation of the European Commission's recommendations and our readiness for a political decision in December, as promised by the European side, opening the negotiation process. We expect this decision and the fulfillment of the European Union's promise. We discussed in detail with Mr. President mechanics of preparing the relevant EU decision.

24.11.2023, 23:20
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