More pressure on those who assist Russian terror – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy 18.11.2023

I wish good health to all Ukrainians!

The main points for today.

First, once again, I congratulate all Ukrainian sergeants and warrant officers on their professional day! I thank every sergeant and warrant officer who genuinely cares for the soldiers, supports the fighting spirit in their units, and knows how to be leaders for the troops. During the full-scale war, over 13,000 sergeants have been honored with state awards. Yesterday, I signed a decree to award another hundred Ukrainian sergeants – the best, the strongest. I am proud of you all.

Second, for today. Several decisions on sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council have been put into effect. Almost 40 Russian legal entities and over 100 individuals, including those involved in the kidnapping and deportation of Ukrainian children from the occupied territory. Also, individuals who, in various ways, assist Russian terror against Ukraine. We are increasing the pressure of our state on them. Each of them must be accountable for what they have done, and we will not leave any connection of these people with Ukraine.

18.11.2023, 22:12
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