Russia will be held to account for all stolen assets of the Ukrainian state and companies - address by the President of Ukraine 07.12.2022

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Today was a long and hard day.

The Kherson region - four policemen died during stabilization measures... Russian mines.

Among the dead was Mykhailo Kuratchenko, chief of police of the Cherkasy region. He was helping colleagues in the south. EOD technician Ihor Melnyk. Dog trainer Serhiy Nenada. Assistant duty officer of the Uman district police department Vadym Perizhok. Doctors are currently saving the lives of four more policemen.

Police forces along with all the defense forces of our state are now on the frontline. And together with everyone they protect Ukrainians, together with everyone they suffer losses... My condolences.

The Donetsk region - today the Russian army carried out a very brutal, absolutely deliberate strike at Kurakhove. Precisely at civilians. At ordinary people. At the market, elevator, gas station, bus station, residential building. The list of the dead so far includes ten people, there are many wounded.

My condolences to relatives and friends... Eternal memory to all victims of Russian terror!

07.12.2022, 23:33
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