The fairer responses we have towards the Russian state, the harder it will be for Putin to continue the war – address by the President of Ukraine 15.03.2024

Dear Ukrainians,

Rescue operations are still ongoing and assistance is being provided in Odessa following the Russian missile strike. It's a despicable act of cowardice: two missiles, with the second one hitting when rescuers and doctors arrived at the scene. Among the casualties and injured are emergency paramedics and rescuers from the State Emergency Service. My condolences go out to all their families and loved ones. Dozens are wounded, and the search for people under the rubble continues. All necessary services are engaged in this effort. I am grateful to everyone who is supporting the people now and saving lives, including the police, the State Emergency Service, medics, volunteers, and municipal services. I have instructed the regional authorities to fully support all those affected. Our Defense Forces will do everything to make Russian killers feel our just response.

I've held several meetings with military leadership and government officials. Commander-in-Chief Syrskyi, along with the Minister of Defense, visited the front lines and presented a report today on the current situation and the preparedness of our actions. We discussed the provision of ammunition, and frontline air defense. The Commander-in-Chief assessed the overall situation and actions of commanders on the front lines. I am thankful to all senior officers who, along with soldiers and combat units, truly care for the front lines. Today, we coordinated further active steps with the Commander-in-Chief. We also discussed the production and use of our strike drones and long-range drones, Russian logistics, and their war financing system.

A joint meeting was held with the Commander-in-Chief, the Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff, the Chiefs of Defense Intelligence and the Security Service, and Commander of Unmanned Systems Force Sukharevskyi. Everyone understands the tasks and specific goals clearly.

15.03.2024, 21:29
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