To get through the winter, we have to be even more resilient and united - address by the President of Ukraine 04.12.2022

Indomitable people of an indomitable country!

The fourth day of this winter is coming to an end. The winter, which will obviously be difficult. But still, it is worth perceiving this winter not as a test, but as time - time that brings us closer to the main thing - to victory. Each of these 90 winter days.

The enemy really hopes to use winter against us: to make winter cold and hardship part of his terror. We have to do everything to endure this winter, no matter how hard it is. And we will endure. To endure this winter is to defend everything.

Russia still has missiles and an advantage in artillery. Yes, but we have something that the occupier does not have and will not have. We defend our home, and that gives us the strongest motivation possible. We fight for freedom, and that always multiplies any force. We defend the truth, and this unites the whole world around Ukraine.

We see happy people when they meet the Ukrainian flag in liberated cities - wherever Ukraine returns. The people, the Armed Forces, all of us return. And this means they are waiting for us wherever there is still an occupation. They are waiting and they believe that Ukraine will return. They are waiting and they know very well: if Russia invades, it will not be forever.

04.12.2022, 23:06
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