It is important that every week one can say, "I have contributed something of my own to the common defense" – address by the President of Ukraine 2.12.2023

Dear Ukrainians, I wish you good health!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of our soldiers for this week, everyone who is in battle, on combat posts, who performs combat tasks.

To all those who help, train, and treat, those who provide the Ukrainian force with everything necessary. Also, of course, to our rescuers – the entire team of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. To the employees of the National Police and the National Guard who have consistently helped our people after Russian shelling and weather-related incidents.

To everyone working in our Ukrainian defense industries. To everyone whose work is to assist Ukraine, take care of the interests of our state. To everyone defending Ukraine on the international stage. I thank you all for making this week bring results for our country, for achieving our goals.

It is significant that Russia has recently lost its influence in two international institutions. These are the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the International Maritime Organization – one of the key organizations globally responsible for security. Indeed, there is no place for terrorists there, and there will no longer be Russian representatives in the executive bodies. This is entirely fair.

02.12.2023, 22:47
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