Denys Popov: “Reconditioning is priority at the moment”

Denys Popov: “Reconditioning is priority at the moment”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Denys Popov has shared his impressions of first days of work with the team after short vacation.

- You’ve already had two weeks of the training camp with a week and a half abroad. How’re players doing?

- I guess those, who gathered earlier and played some friendlies, are already doing pretty well. Internationals and foreign players have spent only four days with the team so far. It’s a bit tough as we’ve had a brief break, besides the weather is hot. But that’s natural for training camps.

- Is it hard to focus on training process, considering what’s going on in Ukraine?

- Of course it’s hard. For example, I haven’t seen my mom for four or five months. That’s very tough. At least it’s good we’ve visited Kyiv and met some people. I’m very sorry for those, who’ve suffered from this war. It’s hard to say something. We’re doing our best and training as we have our own battlefield. We must glorify our country.

- Do you and your teammates feel the responsibility, considering that the world is watching you?

- Sure. It’s a great responsibility for the national team, for Dynamo and for other Ukrainian clubs featuring in euro cups. That makes people remember us as sometimes it feels they forget about the situation in our country. We need to remind them that our land is under attack of invaders.

- You have two training session almost every day. Do you feel tired?

- We do, but that’s okay. As Mister says, we need to lay foundation. Reconditioning is priority at the moment.

- What can you tell warriors, who’re defending our country?

­- No existing words can express my gratitude for what they’re doing. I bow my head to them. Everyone’s with you. Ukraine will definitely win!

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