Denys Boiko: “Birthday is no obstacle for training process”

Denys Boiko: “Birthday is no obstacle for training process”

- How do you celebrate birthdays at training camps?

- The team congratulates which is nice. Mostly I have birthdays at training camps. Of course I wish my wife, kid and parents were here, but that’s what our profession is like. Birthday is no obstacle for training process.

- You’re the oldest player of the team…

- Age is just a figure, I don’t feel I’m 33. We have so many youngsters in the team, so I guess I try to be younger too (laughing).

- Do you feel the contrast between Turkey and UAE?

- The weather is a bit different here and the field is softer. In UAE it was dry. Besides it was hot there, especially before midday.

- You have the first friendly tomorrow. Will it be tough to play after several days off?

- I don’t think so. We had a good session yesterday before the departure. I don’t think there will be any problems.

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