Denys Boiko: “We must take every game very seriously”

Denys Boiko: “We must take every game very seriously”

- Denys, at this training session you competed till the first goal. The exercise was quite emotional…

- It’s always interesting to compete when losing side players have to do push-ups or roll over. That makes each exercise more fun.

- Who has the best shot in the team?

- I’m not sure about the power, but actually accuracy is more important. Carlos de Pena has a really good shot. Viktor Tsyhankov has it too. Many guys stay after sessions to practice this aspect of the game. Most of them work on accuracy, but, for example, Momo (Kadiri) tries to make his shots as powerful as possible.

- Do you feel the training camp is almost over?

- Well, this isn’t the end of the season yet. We just return to Kyiv. Of course we want to go home as we miss our families. As for professional issues, it doesn’t matter that the training camp is almost over. We must keep working every day.

- Goalkeepers must be totally focused in every game as you often guide defenders…

- It doesn’t matter whether we play a friendly or official match. We must take every game very seriously. This is a work we need to do.

It’s goalkeepers’ job to help teammates if they make some mistakes. Of course there are mistakes as this is just pre-season period and guys are getting accustomed to each other.

- You’re in for the friendly against FC Dinamo Tbilisi. Is it a kind of final rehearsal before the game against FC Vorskla Poltava?

- I guess it is. This is our last game at the training camp. This will be a good rehearsal before official matches.

- Do you feel you’re ready for the season?

- That’s up to coaches to estimate. Goalkeepers have special work. We’re ready for the season. I hope outfield players are ready too.

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