Dynamo – Benfica – 0:0. Post-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu

Dynamo – Benfica – 0:0. Post-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu

FC Dynamo Kyiv have started the 2021/22 Champions League group stage with the home game against SL Benfica (0:0). After the match, the White-Blues’ head coach Mircea Lucescu answered journalists’ questions at the press conference.

- We had tough opponent today. If final 10 minutes, when we created good chances, didn’t happen, I would have been satisfied with final score, but now I’m upset about disallowed goal. Of course Benfica dominated. We gave them the upper hand to defend properly. We aimed not to leave space between lines and behind. Anyway, we caused visitors troubles with counterattacks. Unfortunately the goal has been cancelled. Verbic also had a good opportunity, but didn’t manage to reach the ball.

I think draw is positive outcome. It’s important that we haven’t conceded. When I was in charge of Shakhtar, we drew against Schalke at home and then won 3:0 away. The same can happen with Benfica. We must defend orderly and look for our chances.

- Should offside rule be cancelled, in your opinion?

- If there was offside, that’s our mistake. There’s nothing I can say about it.

- Do you agree this was Dynamo best Champions League match under your charge?

- I’d like to remind you our opponent has expensive top level performers, who’re very fast and skillful. They can elude two-three players easily. Besides, Benfica have two experienced defenders, who’re way over 30.

We had only two days to get ready for this match .We have a lot of youngsters, academy trainees, but they’ve accepted our idea. They make headway and do what I tell them to. I’m really satisfied with the way they react to my demands.

We had to play this match the way we did: not giving Benfica space. We couldn’t play them even as they’re more skillful and experienced. We could only get rid of pressure and look for opportunities.

- Denys Harmash improved the team creativity, but almost got a red card. Is it possible to control him?

- He’s the type of player, who acts instinctively. Harmash has good qualities. Every player has some peculiarities. But I want everyone to perform his duties. Anyway, Harmash benefits Dynamo a lot.

- What do you think of Boiko’s performance? Why didn’t Bushchan take the field?

- That’s my decision and I’m not going to discuss it. Denys did a good job both in the club and the national team. I have two equal keepers. There’re a lot of matches ahead. Maybe next time Bushchan will take the field.


After the draw against SL Benfica (0:0) in the Champions League group stage matchday 1 game, FC Dynamo Kyiv centre back Olexandr Syrota told about the way the White-Blues were getting ready for the match:

- Has Benfica pressure surprised you?

- We were getting ready properly and knew how they would act. What matters is that we defended orderly and haven’t conceded.

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