Dnipro vs. Dynamo. Players postgame

Dnipro vs. Dynamo. Players postgame

Miloš Ninković

“The first game is always the most difficult, with such an opponent making it twice as difficult. We took revenge for succumbing to Dnipro in the home encounter. Have we become stronger? I think our display and victory ay the Channel One Cup says all about our strength”. At the press conference, Yuriy Semin said his team did well on the counter attacks. “Indeed, we were given the instruction to play so. After the first goal, it was easy to follow the tactics. The opponents were forced to attack, thus leaving more space for us to counter attack”.

Tiberiu Ghioane

“We did were good at counterattacking. Dynamo has always been famous for playing this way. We did well in both halves, winning each 2-0. In the break, the coaches told us as if the score were nil-nil”.



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