FC Lviv – Dynamo – 0:2: post-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu

FC Lviv – Dynamo – 0:2: post-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Mircea Lucescu has commented upon the win against FC Lviv (0:2) in the UPL matchday 19 game:

- The field was tough. We played against a really athletic team. Young guys did a good job today and I’m happy for them. We totally dominated and could score more than twice. It’s nice to see Benito is making headway. Congratulations to Yatsyk on his debut. He’s another promising youngster.

We had at least 6-7 chances to score, but that’s fine. It takes time. We had a great team that won the league, but then lost 12 players and had to replace them.

- How do FC Lviv differ from the team they were in the first round?

- That’s not my business. I don’t know all their issues and can’t discuss another coach. I hope your team will be winning with the new gaffer.

- Why was Supriaha absent and when will he come back?

- Vladyslav had a surgery in Germany, so he’s still recovering. We’ve been waiting for him for two years which is not easy. He’s not in proper shape to help us currently, but we count on him in future.

- Do you agree that this is the most interesting UPL season you witnessed as a coach here?

- I wouldn’t say it’s the most interesting one as we play behind closed doors, in different cities, travel a lot, spend 10-13 hours on trains etc. It’s tough to play without supporters. Players lack emotions and can’t enjoy football to full extent. I could never imagine something like this would happen. This is the hardest season. But I must be here. I’m not going to leave the team.

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