Ihor Kostiuk: “If Ukraine loses, the West loses”

Ihor Kostiuk: “If Ukraine loses, the West loses”

After the UEFA Youth League round of 16 game against Sporting Lisbon (1:2) in Bucharest, Dynamo U19 coach Ihor Kostiuk thanked FC Steaua for support and addressed to world leaders in terms of the war in Ukraine.

- I would really like to thank Steaua president and all employees of the club, who accommodated us and let us get ready for the match against Sporting properly.

As for further plans of our team, I can’t say anything so far. We’ll meet the president of the club at first.

I avail myself of this opportunity to address to the world. The goal of russian fascists and monsters is obvious – destruction of Ukrainian nation. This is genocide of Ukrainian people. While world leaders stumble at decisions Ukrainian fate depends on, these fascists keep killing, torturing and executing civilians, raping women and children in our country. All these atrocities are approved by officials of this disgusting country – russia.

Ukraine needs weapons to win. Unlimited amount of weapons. Stop using russian gas and oil. If Ukraine loses, the West loses. I want everyone to hear it.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Ukrainian people! It’s all going to be Ukraine!

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