Ihor Surkis: “We need more competitive league”

Ihor Surkis: “We need more competitive league”

FC Dynamo Kyiv Ihor Surkis has commented upon Dynamo U19 win against Deportivo in the UEFA Youth League play-off round.

- Frankly speaking, I was as nervous as I am when the first team plays. Congratulations to players and coaches. This was the first time they featured in front of 20 thousand fans. That wasn’t easy. Besides, this was their first game after winter break. I always say we have talented youngsters. Such victories boost confidence.

- Goalkeeper Ihnatenko made a mistake in the first half, but won the penalty shootout. How was this shootout for you?

- It was intense. He did a good job. He coped with emotions after conceding such a silly goal. The guy saved the team. He’s one of the heroes today.

- You used to say our teams are among the best on youth level, but not in adult football… What’s the reason?

- Recently I said we need more competitive league. Young guys need to play somewhere. A large group of our performers turns 20 soon and they need a place to play. Not everyone can feature for the first team right away. Anyway, they’ve got incredible experience today and qualified for the next stage. They should keep this up to reach as far as possible.

- Is success of this team a desert of academy, Ihor Kostiuk or other factors?

- It’s about all of that, including work of Mister, atmosphere in the team, youth coaches, head of our school Ishchenko. Today we had only two foreigners on the field. Our system has been doing really well for quite a while already. A lot of Dynamo trainees feature on decent level, even in the UPL. Believe me, a large group of youngsters will join the first team soon. Brazhko is working with them. So is Bol. Four Dynamo U19 regulars didn’t take the field today. I think we’ve won deservedly. 

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