Ihor Surkis: “I wish Shovkovskyi all the best, now it’s all about the results”

Ihor Surkis: “I wish Shovkovskyi all the best, now it’s all about the results”

FC Dynamo Kyiv president Ihor Surkis has commented upon the match against FC Obolon Kyiv for Profootball Digital, shared his impressions of the first part of the season and told about the team’s future plans.

- I didn’t like this game. I will never like this kind of football. One side only aimed to defend, another tried to cope with that. I like the kind of football we saw in the game against Metalist 1925. Both teams attacked. Anyway, I’m glad we’ve won. We’ll fight for the title.

- Obolon defended, but Dynamo could be more aggressive…

- I didn’t like the performance of either side – Obolon and my team. Maybe we should have played differently, attempted from distance, rushed into space. You need to score early in the game when you oppose such teams.

- How come your games against Obolon are so tough?

- It’s a derby, rivalry. They blame everyone, referees… I don’t know what claims to referees they have if they step on opponents’ ankles all the time. Right now doctors are treating ankles of Brazhko, Buialskyi… It was obvious that in the episode with penalty Obolon player stepped on Buialskyi’s foot.

- They claimed foul in the episode with the first goal as well…

- We have VAR.

- What do you think of Olexandr Shovkovskyi’s effectiveness as caretaker manager?

- He’s not a caretaker manager anymore, he’s a head coach. I wish Shovkovskyi all the best, now it’s all about the results.

- Are you going to enforce the team?

- I’m ready to sign players, who can really enforce the team. It mustn’t be about quantity. Besides, it’s crucial to enforce Dynamo with those, who actually want to come here. We’ll do our best to conduct certain transfers. There’s a number of people we want to sign, but not everyone is eager to come to Ukraine due to war.

- What about the Ukrainian market?

- We’ll take it into account, but as for me only Shakhtar have players that can enforce us. Our youngsters need to demonstrate progress and aim for the first team.

- What about players from Polissia or Kryvbas?

- They are Polissia and Kryvbas players.

- Are those your competitors at the moment?

- They are. If I wasn’t for war, believe me, only Dynamo and Shakhtar would have been fighting for the title. But as of today, first of all we must help our soldiers. Football is secondary. After the war we’ll have decent transfers as we used to have before like Dragovic, Vida, Lens, Teodorczyk, Mbokani. Yaremchuk, couldn’t win a starting spot, but then became a star.

We need to take care of our trainees. We have a good 2006 group, for instance. Two or three of those players will have a training camp with the first team – Ponomarenko, Mykhavko, for example. We must give our lads a chance to play. That’s vital both for national teams and for Dynamo. We’re not going to conduct transfers just for the sake of transfers. We’ll be doing what the head coach wants to.

- What kind of emotions do you experience when you see Tsyhankov playing for Girona?

- I’m happy. He’s got a good contract and I believe Tsyhankov will be signed for big money. Dynamo did things right. Not only Girona will benefit from his further transfer. We’ll benefit as well.

- Is there anything similar in the contract of Mykolenko?

­- There is in Mykolenko’s, Zabarnyi’s.

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