Illia Zabarnyi: “After Euro-2020 I got more confident”

Illia Zabarnyi: “After Euro-2020 I got more confident”

- Training camp friendlies differ from Euro-2020 games. Do you take these matches seriously?

- Sure, it’s a very important training stage. These friendlies help us get ready and stay fit.

- Viktor Tsyhankov has mentioned he missed the team a lot. Did you?

- Of course I did. It’s nice to be back.

- Didn’t you get star fever after Euro-2020?

- I don’t think so.

- What did internationals focus on upon the return?

- On fitness, first of all. There were a lot of strength exercises. Everyone’s doing well.

- Is there any difference between Illia Zabarnyi before and after Euro?

- I’m not sure. I guess I’ve got more confident. It was a great experience.

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