József Szabó: We had no right to lose

József Szabó: We had no right to lose

Dynamo vs. Metalist. Post-match press conference

József Szabó, Dynamo head coach

Assuming responsibility for the chaotic game

Тhe team has lost, so it is the coach who is to be blamed. We showed terrible display (rush, no control of the ball), but I am not going to attack anybody. The Metalist coach went for the defensive style, staking at counterattacks, and I must admit they were good at those. For me, it remains a mystery what kind of football we were playing at the end of the match. It was utter chaos. No matter how good the coach is, if there’s no game discipline, he will never get results. I did not expect such poor performance, when every other crossing finds the wrong addressee. We missed the goal after losing the aerial combat. Whatever I say about the reliability of our defense, it does not work. Still, it is all my fault.

Future prospects

I have always said and I will keep saying that any changes require calming down and involving our young reserves. Although painful, the process is inevitable. Some footballers are tired of playing and go to pitch solely for money.

Players’ fitness

With the arrival of the new fitness coach, it is Vincenzo Pincolini who is responsible for the issue of physical fitness. Of my concern is the match tactics. Only with the time we will be able to arrive at more definite conclusions. Some guys are not 100% fit after the injuries, but for some reasons they have to appear on the pitch. If they had not played today, they would not be able to play in Manchester. But we paid a high price for this.


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