Friendly. Dynamo – Divonne – 5:0. Report

Friendly. Dynamo – Divonne – 5:0. Report

In this match, Dynamo coach let youngsters and players undergoing a trial demonstrate what they’re capable of.

The White-Blues opened the score quite quickly. Vikentiy Voloshyn used the mistake of Divonne defender and sent the ball past goalkeeper – 1:0.


In several minutes the score was doubled. Dubinchak put a low cross into the penalty area, where Kulach scored his first goal for Dynamo – 2:0.


Both sides tried to be active despite hot weather. Divonne players tested reaction of Kyivans’ keeper Morhun a couple of times, but Valentyn coped with that.


Anyway, Dynamo managed to increase the lead before the break. Divonne defender fouled against Kulach inside the box and Vladyslav converted from the spot – 3:0.


The White-Blues weren’t going to stop. In one episode, Tsytaishvili obtained the ball, entered the penalty area and hit the corner – 4:0.


Vanat did practically the same after pass by Dubinchak from the left side – 5:0.


This victory will definitely give our youngsters confidence. On July 7, Dynamo will play the next friendly – against FC Luzern.


Training camp in Switzerland 2021, third friendly

FC Dynamo – US Divonne – 5:0

Dynamo: Morhun (Kucheruk, 46), Skorko (Kravchenko, 57), Bilovar, Vivcharenko, Dubinchak, Korobenko, Brazhko, V. Voloshyn, N. Voloshyn (Antiukh, 57), Tsytaishvili, Kulach (Vanat, 63).

Goals: V. Voloshyn (13), Kulach (18, 60, pen.), Tsytaishvili (68), Vanat (86).

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