Champions League. Dynamo – Ferencvarosi: pre-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu

Champions League. Dynamo – Ferencvarosi: pre-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu

- Will this be Dynamo match against Ferencvarosi or Lucescu vs Rebrov?

- If they bring me my cleats from the museum, I’ll put them on and play against Rebrov (smiling).

- Was the game against FC Mariupol a good rehearsal before the game against Ferencvarosi TC?

- I would have said it was a good rehearsal if we didn’t play outnumbered. As far as we lacked a player in the second half the match was quite challenging. That’s why we’ve been trying to help the team recondition for two days.

- Who’s ready for tomorrow? Is everyone okay? What do you need to change comparing with the previous game against Hungarian side?

- Ferencvarosi have quite broad lineup – several Hungarians and about 20 foreigners, who represent national teams of other countries which is why they have wider range of tactics options. Meanwhile our lineup is more or less well known.

As for our performance in this group, so far we aren’t ready to oppose outstanding teams. But one should take into account that they cancelled penalty for the foul of Pique against Buialskyi as we faced Barcelona, while in the game against Juventus they didn’t award penalty for the foul against Verbic, besides I think there was a foul against our keeper and offside as the Italian side scored the second goal, but they didn’t even check that episode. Until we defeat a great club we’ll be considered to be Europa League team. It’s important to win tomorrow and feature in euro cups in spring. Our players are young and they need time for progress.

As for changes, we need to change our attitude in the second half. Being 2:0 in front in Budapest we started playing individually and losing possession. That gave Ferencvarosi advantage they used. We need to change our attitude and avoid such mistakes. We must aim only for victory. There are no other options. Generally Ferencvarosi and Dynamo are of approximately same level.

As for lineup issues, I still hope Buialskyi will be able to take the field tomorrow. Meanwhile Zabarnyi and Sydorchuk are back after suspension.

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