Maxym KOVAL: “One must deserve the right to be number one”

Maxym KOVAL: “One must deserve the right to be number one”

- Maryna Korolchuk: When did you realize that football is more than a hobby for you and why did you become goalkeeper?

- It happened when I was 14. They let me participate in Metalurh Zaporizhya main squad training sessions. Then I realized that it is my free pass.

­- Andriy Paulau: Do you miss Zaporizhya?

- Of course I do. I miss my grandparents and friends.

- Who was the first coach to influence you as football player?

- They were Viktor Trehubov and Viktor Zhuk. Trehubov was my firs coach. He believed in me. Later I got acquainted with Viktor Zhuk.

- Denys Besedin: Which save do you consider to be the most important one in your career?

- I never estimate saves according to their importance.

- Artem Shvets: How difficult was it for you to adapt to the new team? What pieces of advice can you give other young players?

- My parents helped me a lot as they moved to Kyiv with me. My teammates also help me. I’ve spent three years playing for Dynamo and I already have close friends and girlfriend.

- Every professional player has some aims. Unfortunately Dynamo haven’t won a lot of silverwares lately. What do you think of the team’s future?

- We have a young team and a good head coach. Just give us some time.

- Are you ready to dedicate your career to Dynamo Kyiv as legendary Olexandr Shovkovskyi did?

- I would be glad to become such Dynamo legend as Olexandr Shovkovskyi is.

- Maria Horova: Maxym, tell about your hobbies please.

- My main hobby is football. I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and watching movies.

- Who are your best friends among teammates? How did you make friends with Andriy Yarmolenko?

- Andriy is a good friend of mine who helps me a lot. I wish there were more people like Yarmolenko and Shovkovskyi in the world.

- Do you have any personal motto?

- I am a brinkman and I’m always living for today. I try to move forward all the time.

- Bohdana Fesenko: What is your personal dream?

- My dream is to win the Ballon d’Or.

- You have № 35 on your jersey. Are you going to change it to № 1 as Olexandr Shovkovskyi leaves Dynamo?

- One must deserve the right to be number one. I don’t want to change the number on my jersey at the moment.

- How can you estimate 2012/13 season?

- This season was a failure for Dynamo, but we are doing our best. Sometimes we just can’t change some circumstances.

- What are your plans for the future vacation?

- I suppose I’ll go to the Crimea with my girlfriend.

* photo by V. Rasner

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