Mikkel Duelund: “Work at training sessions pays off in games”

Mikkel Duelund: “Work at training sessions pays off in games”

Our player got a brace of goals to his name and could get an assist too, but referee cancelled the goal scored after his pass due to offside. After the final whistle Mikkel shared his impressions of the match:

- Games are always difficult at this stage of the national cup. We knew Mynai are decent team. Maybe next year they’ll feature in the UPL. It was important to score the early opener and we did. Basically it was a pretty good game.

- Dynamo had enough opportunities to finish the game in the first half. What did you lack to score more?

- I don’t think two goals and missed penalty aren’t enough. Add the cancelled goal and you’ll see we’ve defeated our opponent completely.

- Could you please tell how you scored your two goals?

- In the first episode I got a fabulous pass from Karavayev and just sent the ball past the goalkeeper. In the second episode I got perfect assist from Andriyevskyi and my task was just not to hit the keeper.

- Do you work on such combination at training sessions?

- Sure, work at training sessions pays off in games.

- Was it bitter when Sol didn’t score the penalty referee awarded for the foul against you?

- Of course, it was important to Fran to score, but sometimes things happen this way. Still, despite that episode, Fran did a very good job to benefit the team.

- This was another Dynamo match when referee checked VAR several times. Do you think it was necessary each time?

- We can have doubts, but referee watched the video, so her decisions are supposed to be fair. Still I hope this system will improve as sometimes it takes referees about five minutes to render a decision. Herewith not every episode is that complicated, some are pretty simple.

- Are such breaks annoying or it’s an opportunity to have rest?

- No, it’s not about having rest. VAR is a new stuff in football, so it should be improved. This takes time.

- Did you feel fans’ support today?

- Sure, they’re amazing! I really appreciate their support. Quite a lot of them came to Uzhhorod.

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