Mircea Lucescu: “I don’t understand what all this aggression and anger is for?!”

Mircea Lucescu: “I don’t understand what all this aggression and anger is for?!”

Flash-interview of FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach for Football 1 channel.

- Shakhtar did better today. This game could have not happened as we won both the league and Ukrainian Cup. Opponents had more desire to succeed today. Still we also had good chances early in the match.

One goal means a lot in such games. If we opened the score, things would have been different, but we conceded and it all got complicated. Shakhtar have skillful and fast players.

What I didn’t like is atmosphere. I don’t understand why people from Shakhtar bench rushed to the field and behaved so aggressively. I don’t understand what all this aggression and anger is for? They were also running in our zone when celebrating. I congratulate Shakhtar, but I didn’t like those aspects.

We knew how Shakhtar would play, I warned the team. Everything was fine when players were doing what I told them to. But when we failed to use our chances, opponents got more confident.

- Are two conceded goals in the second half about the lack of concentration?

- That’s all about tactical mistakes including dispossession in the midfield, although I think there was a foul. They say we put pressure on referees, but considering the number of yellow cards we get…

I think everyone should mind his own business and avoid discussing other teams. As for me, that’s the absence of fair play. I congratulate Shakhtar, they did a good job today.

- Are you satisfied with substitutes?

­- They took the field when the score was 3:0. It was hard to change something. We created three chances, but it was too late.

- Dynamo will face Shakhtar in the UPL in 11 days. Will that game be different?

- I hope there will be no atmosphere of aggression we witnessed today. The football feast has been ruined. I hadn’t seen such aggression for quite a while. That’s disrespect to us.

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