Oleh Luzhnyy content with his squad display

Oleh Luzhnyy content with his squad display

Dynamo vs. Tavriya. Post-match press conference

- You have been in charge of seven games, winning all the matches at Dynamo stadium and losing everything when competing on other arenas…

- When we talk about the two Champions League encounters, at this stage we can not compete with Roma and Manchester United on equal terms. In our away match vs. Tavriya it was all about underestimating our opponent and creating scarce scoring opportunities.

- After that game you slated goalkeeper Rybka. Today you chose to play Lutsenko.

- Who else could I have lined up? We now have only two goalies available. I chose the one I considered to be more appropriate.

- Mykhaylo Fomenko [Tavriya manager] was talking about “green house conditions” in the national league. Do you agree?

- Why doesn’t he talk about the first leg? [when two Dynamo goals were canceled]

- Are you content with the defensive line tonight?

- I liked the way all the team performed. This the way we ought to play in every single match.


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