Olexandr Andriyevskyi: “We think of our nation and heroes defending Ukraine”

Olexandr Andriyevskyi: “We think of our nation and heroes defending Ukraine”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Olexandr Andriyevskyi took part in the press conference before the Champions League qualification play-off round first leg against SL Benfica.

- Olexandr, how important is it to you and your team to represent the capital of Ukraine during such rough times?

- First of all we think of our nation and heroes defending Ukraine. That’s the most important. We play for them and try to inspire people.

- What will qualification for the Champions League group stage mean to Kyivans and all Ukrainians?

- That’s very important to our people.

- How’re you feeling in Poland?

- I want to thank people of Poland for such a warm welcome. We feel like at home, everything is really great here.

We feel the support of Poles, so we play for them too. I’d like to invite them to the match.

- Benfica are tough opponent. Do you feel pressure before the game?

- We faced Benfica last year, so we’re ready emotionally. I think if we do everything coach tells us to, everything will be fine.

- In a few days after russian invasion, Benfica Ukrainian striker Roman Yaremchuk scored a goal and demonstrated a t-shirt with Ukrainian coat of arms. Then he got captain’s armband to loud ovation and could hold back the tears. Do you remember that?

- Tears are flowing when you see something like that. It’s great of Roman to demonstrate his support to Ukraine. That’s very important.

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