Olexandr Karavayev: “We do what Mister tells us to and succeed”

Olexandr Karavayev: “We do what Mister tells us to and succeed”

FC Dynamo Kyiv player Olexandr Karavayev has shared his impressions of 7:0 win against FC Kolos Kovalivka and Champions League group stage drawing.

- Did you expect the final score would be like this?

- Frankly speaking, I didn’t, but we took the game very seriously. Last season we had pretty tough matches against Kolos.

- How important was the early opener?

- We knew that if we open the score early in the game, we would score more. That’s what has actually happened. We’ve scored 11 goals in two matches which is great. We need to keep this up.

- Was the return of Mircea Lucescu vital for the team?

- It was. He’s back and you can see the result. He gives us victorious mentality, demands only wins. Besides, Mister shows us what to do. When we do what he tells us to, we succeed.

- What are your impressions of the Champions League drawing?

- My impressions are positive as we always want to play against top clubs. That’s a chance to check what we can. I’m sure our stadium will be full. That boosts motivation and confidence. That’s what we live for.

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