Press conference of Mircea Lucescu after the match against Inhulets

Press conference of Mircea Lucescu after the match against Inhulets

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Mircea Lucescu answered media questions after the home game against FC Inhulets Petrove.

- First of all I congratulate out opponents. They’ve succeeded due to great dedication and discipline.

Yet I would like to mention that both goals were scored after huge referee’s mistakes. In the first episode there was a foul against our player. In the second one there was a handball.

This isn’t the first time we face that kind of situation. There’re a lot of questions, in particular as for why these mistakes happen to be so one-sided.

Visitors’ player handled the ball after which the attack resulted in goal. Referee said it was a handball, but not a foul. How is that possible?

I need to say that such mistakes have an impact upon the game. It feels like she’s just torturing our team and players.

- Dynamo are having finishing issues. Eric Ramirez is back now. Will he be able to help the team any time soon?

- He got back only two days ago, so we don’t know how ready he is yet.

You’re right, we lack a killer inside opponents’ penalty area although we take the ball there and dominate. Today the goals resulting from referee’s mistakes caused nervousness which didn’t let us use our chances effectively.

It’s really upsetting that young players face such unfair refereeing. That’s harmful for their progress.

- Didn’t you underestimate Inhulets?

- We didn’t. Players were focused. We knew this would be a tough one with lots of long balls and fierce scrimmage. But we hoped referee would avoid such mistakes.

We have talented youngsters. I hope that together with older teammates they’ll go through this and get tougher. They’re very upset. I hope Kateryna won’t be refereeing our matches any more.

- Dynamo signed young Reshat Ramadani the other day. Do you count on him in the nearest future?

- He’s a promising young lad. The club must think about the future. Maybe he’ll replace Sydorchuk one day. So far it’s soon to tell. He has bright future. That just takes time.

- It seemed Dynamo players were chaotic when approaching the penalty area. What was the problem?

- They were in a hurry being two goals behind. We lost control over the game due to arguments with referee. Youngsters can’t control their emotions under that kind of circumstances. The nervousness was a problem.

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